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Item Code: GLABUT
Butterfly shape glasses  3 assorted colours:white,black and pink ..
Item Code: GLADOLG/S
Dollar shape glasses   comes in gold and silver  ..
Item Code: DREMON
Dress up monocle with mustache   ..
Item Code: GIASUN
Giant sun glasses   assorted colours     ..
Item Code: GIASUNS
Giant sunglasses with stripes    assorted colours    ..
Item Code: GLAGIR
Girls night out glasses   3 assorted colours ..
Item Code: GLASHP
Harry potter glasses..
Item Code: HEASUN
Heart shaped sun glasses    ..
Item Code: GLARED
Large red framed glasses    ..
Item Code: LENGLAP
Lennon glasses - pink..
Lennon glasses - purple     ..
Item Code: NURGLA
Nerd glasses      ..
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