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Item Code: MAS324-O402
aussie flag mask  ..
Item Code: MASBEA-M102
Bear mask  ..
Item Code: MASBUT
butterfly mask    assorted colours  ..
Item Code: MAS802
Butterfly shape feathered mask   3 assorted colours:red,blue and yellow    ..
Item Code: MAS370
creature masks    6 assorted  ..
Item Code: DECMAS
Decorated masks assorted colours     ..
Item Code: MAS077
Decorated masks with feathers 3 assorted colours   ..
Item Code: MAS131
EVA masks  8 assorted  designs   ..
Item Code: MASFEA2
Feather mask   comes in black and white ..
Item Code: MASGRO
Groucho mask with glasses,mustache and nose      ..
Item Code: MAS395
Haunted house mask    6 assorted  ..
Item Code: MAHJES
Jester mask and headband        ..
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