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Item Code: BIGBLI
Big blings   5 assorted designs: Cross, Peace, Skull, Dollar (silver), Dollar (gold)..
Item Code: BLIDOL-A
Dollar blings   2 assorted: silver  and gol..
Item Code: FANNEC
fancy necklace   comes in silver and gold..
Item Code: NOSRIN
Fashion nose ring   assrted designs  ..
Item Code: GLIRIN2
Glitter rings assorted colours 48 pcs in display  ..
Item Code: RIN350
Kiddie rings assorted   36pcs in display   ..
Item Code: BELTMI
Long gold chain belts   ..
Item Code: RIN1016
Men's rings assorted   36pcs in display   ..
Item Code: MOORIN
Mood rings Assorted 48 pcs in display   ..
Item Code: PEASIGG
Peace sign in gold Diameter: 7cm    ..
Item Code: PIRCOIN
Pirate golden coins   72pcs in bag ..
Item Code: RINQZ02
Ring copper band 8 loops    24 pcs in display  ..
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