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Item Code: GLOLON
colourful long gloveslength:53cm  8 assorted colours red gold – black – hot pink – purple - silver-white-blue            ..
Item Code: FAISET4
fairy wings with wand and  head bopper   4 assorted colours: blue, purple, pink ,white           ..
Item Code: GLOLEO
Leopard design glovesLength: 53cm                 ..
Item Code: GLOFINL
Long fishnet fingerness gloves   Assorted colours: pink, yellow, blue, orange, green, black, white, red  ..
Item Code: GLOGRE
Long grey gloves   Length: 53cm     H: 53CM        ..
Item Code: GLOFINS
Short fishnet fingerness gloves   Assorted colours: pink  - yellow – blue - orange- green - black  ..
Item Code: GLOBON
Short hand bone gloves   ..
Item Code: SLETAT
Sleeve tatoos   11 assorted    ..
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